Rivers Edge Pinot Noir 2013

Pinot Noir is considered an intellectual’s wine. Not the kind who smoke cigars and drink neat spirits nor the sort that hang out at back-bar grunge music sessions but rather those who seek subtlety and complexity in their lives, like to think about what they are drinking and heaven forbid, even discuss their beverages with similarly affected enthusiasts. Although there is now undeniably a place in the world for cheap, mass produced wines of most varieties; the sort they hand out at opening nights at neighbourhood art exhibitions, do not try to palm the true Pinotphile off with a wine made in a 500,000 litre tank, because they can tell the difference! Great Pinot Noir will always be hand grown, hand reared and hand delivered, no matter where in the world it comes from.

Here on the edge of darkness, the 2013 River’s Edge glows bloodshot in the glass and like Bella Donna in the jungle its heavy red fruit aromas rise supernaturally as would an autumn mist off still warm waters. Peeled cherries, wilted gardenia and a heady note of grilled brioche overlay brittle dried herb, sanded balsawood and a fine dusting of cardamom. Rammed black powder rolled in an ancient kilim whispers dirty deeds yet at the same time provides a sense of saddle-weary comfort. In the mouth the wine is eager in the attack as if rising to a short delivery. Fully weighted and rectangular in shape it strikes the tastebuds a meaty blow using the middle of the bat. Sweet tinned-plum characters combine with creamy custard notes while roasted beetroot and purple carrot give textural complexity. The tannins are witty rather than gritty and the tinsel-like acidity displays felonious intent as it plays mischievously with both sides of the palate. There is an attractive honesty and an almost born-again fervour as the wine marches in squared ranks toward one inevitable conclusion: drink me now!


Technical Information:

Harvest date: 11 - 19 Apr 13
Brix at Harvest: 23.8 - 25.1
Final Alcohol: 13.0%
pH: 3.35
Total Acidity: 5.60g/l
Residual Sugar: Nil
Bottling Date: 13 Oct 2014
Release Date:
1 Jan 2015
Cellaring: 2 to 5 years