Reserve Pinot Noir 2013

While tasting our way through the barrel cellar 9 months after harvest we came upon a batch of Pinot and thought: this is not good. This is not great. This is magnificent! The exemplary 2013 season had produced Pinot Noir of the quality we have rarely seen and for the first time ever we seized upon the opportunity to separately bottle the best of the best and the Reserve label was born. The “Dijon” 114 clone which was imported from Burgundy by a group of far sighted Martinborough winemakers in the early 90’s makes up the bones of this wine as it shone through for its bravado, its completeness and an impressive standalone quality. However after some experimentation the final wine was enhanced by the addition of a single barrel of the beautifully savoury Abel clone.

The wine appears rich and dark, is generous in its density has a deep plummy hue. The aroma pole vaults from the glass and continues to lift like fog over Wellington harbour as the autumn sun rises. Baked fig, tamarillo skin and brooding dark berry fruits overwhelm while roast pumpkin kernel, black peppercorn over steak tartare and a cinnamon stick edge provide an intriguing complexity. Pungent marigold fields, sweet vanilla custard and the sea-salt tang of surf breaking on a stormy beach all spring to mind as one sniffs and swirls before committing to a generous sip. Once in the mouth the wine shows a wanton largesse. Very rounded and generously proportioned it is plump to the point of obesity and exudes the warmth and reassurance of that ubiquitous hug from a stranger. Dark-fleshed plums poached in cranberry sauce seduce while moreish popcorn and chewy centred meringue tease out the palate. Tannins spun from the finest linen combine solicitously with an acidity so soft that the wine rolls over and presents its underbelly for a rub. The texture is cross hatched like a myriad of crushed twigs and the wine runs round the cheeks in a complete circle then returns to cross the T’s. A hint of pork scratching nicely dries out the finish so that this wine drinks just as well alone as it does with rich saucy foods. Truly a jewel of the Nile.


Technical Information:

Harvest date: 27 Mar and 11 Apr 2013
Brix at Harvest: 23.8 –24.6
Final Alcohol: 13.3%
pH: 3.54
Total Acidity: 5.40 g/lResidual Sugar: Nil
Bottling Date: 14 Mar 2014
Release Date: 1 Jan 2015
2 to 9 years
Quantity Produced: 141 cases

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