Proprietor's Selection Riesling 2015

Just as quality Polaroid sunglasses afford the keen angler a better view of what lies beneath the glary surface of a beautiful lowland stream, so a well shaped wineglass assists the job of the professional wine taster. When evaluating a wine in order to prepare tasting notes, I always reach for my trusty, if rather inelegant Riedel Vinum “Tasting Glass”. From a pour of just 20ml this hollow stemmed vessel helps separate out elements of the nose and palate that could otherwise remain locked away for ever.

The colour is soothingly autumnal, in a Legolas will-o-the-wisp kind of way. The nose rises steadily and carries with it grapefruit and quincy notes, thick Sweet William, a nuance of fresh honey comb and a touch of marzipan which gives it an almost Christmassy feel. There is a complex side made up of Caribbean white spice and something reminiscent of a mouse’s footprint in the corner of an old shed. In the mouth the wine is fresh and whimsical with an intense citrus attack. It rolls along the tongue and sneaks up on the taste buds like a well presented pheasant-tail nymph, then strikes with the power and audacity of an outwitted Ruamahanga rainbow. The structure is youthful and edgy with the focus of a laser light passing through 2 faces of a well polished diamond. The acidity is loud and proud and as the wine swaggers somewhat platitudinous about the palate it carves out the clean lines of an 8 bladed titanium razor. As the 5 o’clock shadow begins to grow however it finds some peace and harmony in warmer flavours of well browned crumpet and baked rhubarb crumble with clotted cream. This aspect will become more generous as age takes the wine gently by the hand.


Technical Information:

Harvest date: 4 April 2011
Brix at Harvest: 22.3
Final Alcohol: 12.3%
pH: 2.75
Total Acidity: 7.35 g/l
Residual Sugar: 9.5g/l
Bottling Date: 23 August 2011
Release Date: 1 Nov 2013
Cellaring: 7 years from bottling


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