Pinot Rosé 2015

I wonder if those who read market trends saw this coming? From poor relation to belle of the ball, in just a single season Rosé in this country has pulled up sticks from Ekatahuna to set up camp on Takapuna Beach! In 2013 we made more than ever before (largely by chance) and it sold out in just months, so this season we made yet a larger volume again and although it is fighting for market share with many new comers who have jumped onto the Rose’ bandwagon, it is once again flowing out the Cellar door. There is one simple explanation; it’s gorgeous!


Like Paris Hilton in the 90’s, this wine is oh-so-pretty in pink. The nose bursts from the glass like an overzealous pocket-breed puppy exuding ripe strawberries sprinkled with icing sugar and served with low fat acidophilus yoghurt on the side. Sweet lily of the valley, mandarin skin, dried papaya and thick mango gelato combine irresistibly with blue gummy bears soothing shea butter and a gun-flint edge of saffron and marzipan. The palate delivers on the promise with gushings of passion-filled fruit which lovingly caress excited tastebuds. Chilled cantaloupe melon and sweet rhubarb pie dripping with crème fraiche provide a warming appeal backed up by a rum and raisin moreishness. As a yang to your yin, a chewy texture pushes through and adds a cheeky edge of unpredictability while a finely honed knife edge of acidity, like the tail that wags the dog, coaxes the wine out to a long and playful finish. With the girl-next-door quality of Lydia Ko the wine appears coy and unpretentious yet is frighteningly calm and self-assured under pressure.


Technical Information:

Harvest date: 23 Mar - April 18 2014
Brix at Harvest:  23.5 - 23.9
Final Alcohol: 13.4%
pH: 3.10
Total Acidity: 6.75g/l
Residual Sugar: 10.0g/l
Bottling Date: 22 July 2014
Release Date: 1 Sept 2014
Enjoy during the long hot days of summer.


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