Chenin Blanc 2015

Like any business in a crowded market place, winemakers are often asked to elaborate on their “point of difference”. This can be very difficult to define, especially when the majority of “boutique” wineries are striving to produce top quality, handmade wines from the very best grapes they can grow to faithfully portray their vineyard site and particular terrior (yadda yadda!). For Margrain, somewhat unwittingly it seems Chenin Blanc has become our point of difference. Still so rare in New Zealand that we have to explain it to visitors, once tasted it has the kind of oenophilic grace and charm to collect lovers like a modern day Marlene Dietrich!


The nose jumps up and greets you like a friend in deed. Cascading Sweet William, fleshy rock melon and pear oven poached in Madera fill the air and mingle deliciously with homemade lemonade and a touch of pungent mandarin skin to give the warm luxuriant feel of a new possum fur undergarment. Deeper more complex notes suggest creamy sheep’s milk feta, hints of marjoram, reassuring strokes of a well-loved horse hair shaving brush and the crispy edge of smashed potato triple cooked in duck fat.


Deliciously fruity and mouth-wateringly chewy, it attacks full frontal like a cross dresser tripping the light fantastic in pink ballet slippers then runs cheek by jowl with wholemeal creaminess of pureed broccoli. Juicy persimmon and crisp nashi pear run full circle round the tongue and go head to head with a substantial chord of acidity which twangs impressively like the sound of banjos duelling. Perhaps our biggest version yet, this wine delivers a huge flavour punch with all the diplomacy of an internet heavyweight turned politician and is as memorable as a still-pink venison backstrap grilled on the rusty BBQ in a duck shooters maimai.


Technical Information:

Harvest date: 24 April 2013
Brix at Harvest:  23.0
Final Alcohol: 12.2%
pH: 2.90
Total Acidity: 8.5g/l
Residual Sugar: 20.8g/l
Bottling Date: 17 October 2013
Release Date: 8 Jan 2014
Cellaring: 2 - 8 years+


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